My Spotify Wrapped (pls be kind)

Spotify Wrapped launches across all territories simultaneously, so it's not a case of waiting for it to be rolled out in your region. Updating or restarting the app probably won't fix this either. My Spotify Wrapped is trying to tell me my number 1 streamed song is Baby Shark. Yes I’m absolutely livid and yes I’m deducting the cost of my Spotify membership from my son’s Christmas present. — GUVNA B (@GuvnaB) December 1, 2021 As I sit here waiting for my 2021 Spotify Wrapped to come out, I want to thank you. You made it apparent to me that music could be a way of connecting with other people. Like in 2018 when 88Rising became the rubber band that kept us retreat-goers connected or in 2020 when music became the conversation starter for making new friends freshman year. Wrapped is where Spotify listeners get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year. #SPOTIFYWRAPPED. 2021 Wrapped is ready. But it's only available in the Spotify app. Download it now to discover more. Listen to 2021 highlights here. Spotify Wrapped shows incorrect number of minutes listened. After checking my spotify wrapped, I noticed that my minutes listened was at 37 minutes, which makes no sense as I probably listen to at least 37… Wrapped is where Spotify listeners get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year. Get ready for 2021 Wrapped. The story of your year with Spotify. Wrapped is a deep dive into the artists, songs, and podcasts that defined your 2021. The more you listen, the better your Wrapped will be when we launch later this year. Spotify Wrapped 2021 will see Spotify users flock to their apps to check out the stats on their most listened to songs, artists and how they rank among the stream counts for their favourite music ... Confirm My Choices We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. i would highly reccomend the artist BTS! my favourites are home, love maze, whalien 52, rain, autum leaves, and intro: persona. they have a lot of r&b, hip hop, rap and pop if you're into any of that. Toby fox is number 1 on my Spotify wrapped for a second time in row… cant wait till next year.! — Mute Characters otd ! (@otdmute) December 1, 2021.

2021.12.03 10:55 Integerity My Spotify Wrapped (pls be kind)
i just like video games and anime pls dont be rude
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2021.12.03 10:55 DaniMilkGuy Enlightened Doggo

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2021.12.03 10:55 AlcazarW Thor : Loki's Mischief

The movie starts with a young Thor and his adopted brother, Loki, going to Nidavellir, because Odin told them to get 3 magical treasures for Asgard. Loki always had a jealous of Thor, Thor was the popular one, always getting cheered on by the Vikings. But Loki, he had nothing but his magic, and sorcery. Loki and Thor are at the mere age of 11.
Thor : Loki, do you see Eitri the Dwarf anywhere?
Loki : No, I don't, dearest brother.
Thor and Loki walk further and they hear metal clanking. They walk a bit more and find Eitri and his brother, Brokk working on some weapons.
Thor : Brokk and Eitri?
Eitri : Who bids us?
Thor : I am Thor, Prince of Asgard. And this is my brother.
Loki : Loki, also Prince of Asgard.
Brokk : And what would be princes be doing in this humble abode?
Thor : My father, Glorious Odin, commands thee to forge three precious gifts to surpass his Heaven Spear, Gungnir!
Brokk : He did, did he? Ha!
Eitri : Three treasures you'll have, not as fine as Gungnir, but finer! Ha-ha! For the All-Fathers purse is well-laden and his generosity well known! Just be patient lad!
Eitri and Brokk went on to craft three treasures, Mjolnir, Scepter, (without the mind stone, for now) and the Odinsword.
Thor : Excellent, good fellows. Now come, follow Prince Thor to the Royal Palace!
Eitri and Brokk follow Thor and Loki to Odin's Palace.
Odin : The courts assembled waits bated breath to gaze upon your wondrous treasures.
Eitri : We shall not disappoint you most worthy and honored majesty!
Brokk : First, A sword that surpasses your Heaven Spear, the Mighty Gungnir! This sword, made of Uru, is the most powerful in the nine realms, the Odinsword!
Odin enchants the sword with magic so it starts to glow and Odin goes out and looks at a mountain and cuts it with a slightest slash, not even needing any strength.
Odin : By heavens! What you say is true! This sword is a weapon meant for me, the All-Father! What is your next treasure?
Eitri : Second, The mightiest and greatest hammer in the nine realms, Mjolnir!
Odin goes outside and enchants the hammer with lightning, and throws the hammer to the sky, it returns, and Odin holds the hammer and charges it, and the thunder kills many birds and a serpent in the sky.
Odin : Mjolnir shall be reserved for Prince Thor upon the day great deeds of selfless valor prove him worthy of this hammer! And I shall add my enchantments to this hammer so that no one can lift it, except they be worthy!
Odin : What's your last treasure, great dwarves!
Eitri : The special staff, The Scepter! It can fire lethal energy blasts, allows owner to astral project themselves, and mind control!
Odin : This shall be reserved for you, Loki!
Thor : See Loki! It fits you so well!
Loki : Damn! Why do I have the Spear and he gets the mighty hammer!
Thor : I pray I can be worthy enough for Mjolnir.
Timeskip to a 17 year old Thor and Loki. Thor is the greatest warrior in Asgard and Loki is the greatest magic sorcerer in Asgard.
Odin : Thor and Loki, my sons, thee have grown up to be most wonderful! Thor, thee are the mightiest warrior in Asgard and quite possibly the Nine Realms! And Loki, my boy, thee have grown up to be the best sorcerer and have learnt from the greatest of the greatest! For that I have your legacies for you...
Odin brings out two boxes.
Odin : For my son, Loki. Tis is thy Scepter, fitted with the power of the Tesseract, one of my greatest treasures!
Odin hands the Scepter to Loki.
Loki : Thank you, Glorious Father.
Loki : This is exactly what I needed! Now I can show everyone I'm better than my idiot brother! I have the minds that he lack! Ha ha ha!
Odin : And, Thor, here is Mjolnir, deserved for you. It shalt be your greatest weapon and you shalt be the greatest warrior in the nine realms.
Odin rests Mjolnir on the ground and Thor goes to pick it up. He picks Mjolnir up and throws it and Mjolnir comes back to him. Thor (without the hammer) looks at Mjolnir.
Thor : Thank thee, Glorious Odin! I shalt cherish tis hammer forever.
Timeskip to 1 year after.
Thor was made the God of Thunder and Loki the God of Mischief.
Thor smashes a piece of rock and a dragon-like creature escapes.
Thor : Though the deadly Bird-beast has flown into Niffelheim, I shall not give up the hunt! So long as he doth live, there can be no safety for Asgardian and Storm Giant alike!
Thor throws Mjolnir at the Bird-beast.
Thor : Now shalt Mjolnir end thy days of murder and millage...fore'er!
Mjolnir hits Bird-beast and lightning strikes on the mighty creature and it crumbles to dust.
Thor : The deed is done! The Thunder God triumphant! Never shall any fall prey to yonder lifeless talons!
Giant : Who dares to tread upon forbidden land!
A giant comes walking along Thor.
Thor : 'Tis I, the son of Odin, who hast done thee great service!
Storm Giant 1 : Silence, base intruder! Thou hast broken the royal truce! And the price for that is death! There is not'ing there!
Thor looks at the Bird-beast and sees it disintegrating.
Thor : Darn! Another one of Loki's tricks again!
The Giant grabs a big axe and hurls it at Thor.
Thor : By the golden gates for Asgard..! None shall attack a prince of the realm...
Thor grabs Mjolnir and hurls a bolt of lightning at the Giant.
Thor : without feeling the power of the enchanted Mjolnir!
Some more Storm Giants come charging in.
Storm Giant 2 : What?! A puny Asgardian challenges we who be giants?!
Storm Giant 3 : Thou must be the insect thou art!
Thor : Thor shalt not falter! For Asgard and Honor...I strike! So says the son of Odin!
Thor throws Mjolnir at a nearby mountain and it crashes onto the giants.
Balder : Ho, Son of Odin! I have found thee at last!
Thor : Most noble Balder!
The scene shifts to Thor wrestling Gondolff.
Gondolff : Though thou art the God of Thunder, the mightiest arm of all is mine!
Thor : Then let the strength of thy limbs prove the boasting of thy lips!
Suddenly, Volstagg comes crashing in and breaks the match.
Volstagg : What mishap hath befall all?
Gondolff : The next mishap will be thy I remove it from thine body!
Thor : Gondolff, stay thy tongue! Though he be a clumsy knave, still, is Volstagg friend to Thor!
Gondolff : Then 'tis as I suspected! When thou didst see that Gondolff had thee beaten, thou called Volstagg to end the contest!\
Thor : I call thee liar! The victory was mine! I did but toy with thee!
Gondolff : Then let our steel decide!
Gondolff and his comrades get ready to attack Thor but their blades get blocked.
Hogun : We be Hogun the Grim!
Fandral : And Fandral the Dashing!
Volstagg : And Volstagg the Staggeringly Perfect!
Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg : Together, we be the Warrior's Three!
Thor and the Warrior's Three fight Gondolff and his comrades.
Odin speaks from the heavens : I say enough!
Thor : The voice of Odin! He bids me halt!
Thor goes to the Royal Palace and meets Odin.
Thor : Didst thou call me, sire?
Odin : Aye, God of Thunder! Thou art the favored son of Odin! Thou art brave beyond compare, noble as a Prince must be! Thy strength is legend! Thine honor, unsullied! And yet...I find thee wanting!
Thor : Sorely grieved am I, my father! Wherein have I failed??
Odin : Thou art lacking in...humility! Though thou art supreme in power, and thy pride...thou must know weakness...thou must feel pain! But, such lessen can ne'er be learned by Thunder God! Thus, thou shalt leave the godly realm...and shed thy godly trappings!
Odin conjures up a vision.
Thor : Thou hast conjured up a vision! What world is that, my liege?
Odin : 'Tis known as Earth...where fragile mortals dwell! These mortals worship us from long ages ago! And there shalt thou reside...and there shalt thou learn that none can be truly strong unless they be truly humble!
Odin casts a beam on Thor and he gets banished to Earth.
Odin : No longer art thou God of Thunder! Nor shall Mjolnir serve thee now! Thy memory too, shalt I strip bare!
Moments later, a medical student named Donald Blake wakes up.
Donald : Huh...weird dream. Ugh...where am I?
Donald looks around and remembers where he was.
Donald : Right...I'm in the campus of State College of Medicine. What's the time..?
He looks at a clock and sees the time as 10:30 AM.
Donald : Shit! Gotta run or I'm gonna be late!
Donald hears a knock on his door, and he picks up his jacket, wears it and answers the door. He opens the door and sees Jane Foster standing outside his door.
Jane : Donald! What happened? You've never been this late to a class!
Donald : Hi Jane, sorry, I just had this really weird...dream.
Jane : Well, we're gonna be late to Professor Selvig's class!\
Donald : Yeah, yeah.
Donald and Jane walk to Selvig's class.
Selvig : Now, everyone. We all know that Loki was the brother of Thor. But who can tell me about the Warrior's Three, and about the Heaven Spear.
The whole class remained quiet but Donald's hand shot up.
Selvig : Donald? Well, this is a surprise.
Donald : Sir, Loki wasn't Thor's brother. He was Thor's adoptive brother. The Warrior's Three consists of Hogun the Grim, Fandral the Dashing and Volstagg the Voluminous. And the Heaven Spear, also known as Gungnir, was Odin's Spear.
Selvig : Very good, Donald! I didn't expect anyone to know that!
Jane whispers to Donald : Donald, how did you know that?
Donald : did I know that. I just...spoke out of instinct.
Donald : Uh...I don't know Jane.
Jane : Donald, you're acting weird today. Are you sure everything's okay?
Donald : Y-yeah. Everything's fine.
The scene shifts to Loki.
Loki : Thor got banished to Midgard...This was certainly not in the plan. I had planned to execute that fool after I bested him in a battle. Damn! Guess I must pay him a visit.
Back to Donald.
Donald was going to his other class when he sees someone pointing at him. He walks towards them but trips on something. Donald gets up and looks below and sees...nothing.
Donald : Huh?
He then gets pushed from the back.
Donald : What the?! Who's there?
Donald stands there for a minute then leaves.
Loki comes out from the shadows and thinks to himself : HAHAHA! He's even more pathetic than I thought! Oh All-Father...I thank you. Now, if I could show everyone how useless Thor really is, I would be favored by everyone! I would be crowned King of Asgard. Oh this is too good to be true.
Loki then disappears in a mist and Donald enters his other class.
Donald : That was so weird. Oh well.
Time-skip of 16 months, and Donald Blake is a successful surgeon, with Jane Foster being a nurse along with Donald.
Donald : Jane, can you hand me that scalpel?
Jane : On it, Donald!
The scene shifts to Donald and Jane having a coffee.
Donald : That coffee was wonderful! Thanks for inviting me Jan-
Donald stands up and trips, but Jane catches him before he falls.
Donald : Thanks..Jane.
Jane : No problem, Donald..
Jane and Donald look each in the eyes and they kiss each other.
The two started dating shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, after Asgard had heard that Thor was sent to Midgard, the whole nation of Asgard was shocked and surprised to hear that. Mainly, Frigga, Thor's mother and Sif, Thor's beloved. And, Loki became a court jester and started to entertain everyone in the palace.
Loki uses his magic to make a fight scene showing Odin fighting Giants and Trolls.
Asgardians : HAA! Glorious Odin be the mightiest in the Nine Realms!
During that time, Donald became a renowned surgeon along the world.
Patient : Thank you Doctor Blake! You-you saved my husband's life! I can't thank you enough!
Donald : It's just my job, Ma'am!
He helped lots of people around the world, and he even worked alongside the famous Doctor Stephen Strange.
Strange : Hand me that lancet, Blake.
Donald : Okay Stephen.
All of this with a handicapped leg. Odin, who's been watching over Donald, plants an idea in his brain of going on a trip to Norway. While in the trip in Norway, he entered a famous cave and what he didn't know was that Loki was also watching over him.
Loki : Well, dearest brother. I think a little joke won't hurt.
Loki makes a few Giants out of his magic, and although they couldn't do any real harm since they were just magic, Donald still saw them and got scared.
Donald : WHAT!? G-g-giants! I-I-I thought they were just m...myths... I have to run!
Donald runs into a cave far from the Giants.
Donald : Phew! The Giants shouldn't be able to catch me now. Wait...this cave. It Where...have I seen this before..
Suddenly, a boulder collapses and it blocks the entrance of the cave.
Donald : AHHHH! Shit! I-I'm trapped..
Donald tries to push the boulder with his hands.
Donald : Damnit! Wait, there's a stick! Maybe I can use this stick to move the boulder.
Donald picks up the stick and tries to move the boulder but, lightning starts to fall around him.
Donald : Wha-w-what's happening..
The stick turns to Mjolnir and Donald gets blasted by lightning. This was all seen by Heimdall, the all-seeing.
Heimdall : The Prodigal Son returns!
The lightning dissipates and Donald emerges as Thor.
Thor : Ah, by Odin. Wherein am I? This...cave. where I was born.
Thor : It all comes back to me now! My first name was Donald Blake. The name sounded so right! So proper! I was strangely unaware that I had never known of it before!
Thor : I realize now it was because of Odin's enchantments...that I never thought of yesterday...never suspected that Blake had no past! Even my injured leg had an Odinian teach me that any handicap can be endured...and come over!
Thor : So...I studied...and worked...and finally triumphed. Donald Blake became a surgeon!
Odin's voice speaks in Thor's mind : My son...thou didst treat the sick, and the afflicted! Thou didst walk among the weak... and give them strength! Yet, ever wert thou son of Odin...even though thou knew it not!
Odin : 'Twas I that placed Mjolnir in an earthly thou wouldst one day find it! And find it thou didst...when thy lesson had been learned! The lesson of..humility!
Thor : Though, in spirit I am Donald Blake...'tis Thor that I have ever been! Thunder God now and fore'er!
Thor : Heimdall! Bring me to Asgard!
Heimdall uses the Bifrost Sword and Thor gets called in to Asgard. Once in Asgard, he goes up to reunite with Odin, his mother Frigga, and Loki.
Odin : Thunder God! My son! Good to see thou back in the palace again!
Frigga runs up to Thor and hugs him.
Loki : WHAT?! How did this fool come back! Last I saw him, he was a cripple! How did he find Mjolnir! This should not be happening!
Thor : Glorious Odin! May I talk to thou?
Odin : Of course, my son! What is it that thou want to talk about?
Thor : Sire...I want your blessings for me marrying Jane Foster.
Odin : What!? No!
Thor : What do you mean, sire?
Odin : Thou must not marry a mortal! A Prince of Asgard shan't!
Thor : B-but sire! I love her!
Odin : You can't!
Meanwhile with Loki.
Loki : Damn! I must find 'that'.
Loki runs into his room.
Thor, frustrated, goes back to Earth to Jane Foster. Thor transforms into Donald Blake.
Jane : Donald? You're back from your trip to Norway?
Jane runs up to Donald and kisses him.
Donald : Yeah, how are you Jane?
Jane : I'm good, Donald! So, how'd your trip go Donald?
Donald : About that, I wanted to tell you about it.
After Donald told Jane about him being Thor and him being not allowed to date her.
Jane : Wait?! You mean to tell're THE Thor?! THE Mighty Thor?! I-I've read about you! were THE Thor all along?! I had a bit of a crush on you.
Donald : Yes.
Jane : You can't date me?!
Donald holds her hands.
Donald : Don't worry, my love. I will beg my father for our wedding.
Donald transforms into Thor and holds Jane in one hand.
Thor : I must take thee to Asgard! Let thine eyelids be closed, beloved. For when next they are opened. They shall behold the sight of all sights!
Jane gasps.
Thor : Now, Jane Foster! Now shalt thou look!
Jane : The colors, the brightness, the sheer beauty, it's almost unbearable.
Thor : 'Tis but the shimmering splendor of the fabled rainbow bridge, upon which we do stand!
Jane : Thor! This's beautiful.
Guard : Make way! We have captured a prisoner, for interrogation!
Jane : How monstrous! That unspeakable creature, is he a troll?
Thor : Do not avert thine eyes, my beloved! Thou must become accustomed to such sights!
Jane : Somehow, I never thought it would be like this-
Thor : I greet thee, Heimdall! By right of birth do I claim thy leave to pass!
Heimdall : Leave granted, for thee and thy companion, mighty one!
Jane : Wha-? That man, that sword, that horned helmet!
Thor : Tremble thou not! 'Twas only Heimdall, matchless and grizzled guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge!
Jane : Forgive me, it's just all so new, so terribly startling to me!
Thor : Forgive thee? Anything thou wouldst do requires no forgiving, beloved! But, the time is come to prepare thyself! For the glory and the grandeur of Asgard now await thee!
Thor flies to Odin.
Thor : Hail to thee, sovereign most supreme! Hail, lordly monarch of the realm! Thy son, most dutiful, hath returned, to present to thee, his beloved!
Odin : Thou mayest enter the presence, Thunder God! Advance, and be recognized! I wouldst fain speak with yon mortal female!
Thor : On Midgard, my lord, she doth possess the name Jane Foster!
Jane : I-I can't believe it! I'm actually face to face, with Odin! The All-Father! Forgive me sir, I-I'm at a loss for words!
Odin holds Jane's hand, reassuring her.
Odin : Thou must not tremble, my child. Give me thy hand, that I may place it on mine! Though my son, Thor, has defied me, he has professed his love to thou! Mayhap thou wilt draw confidence, and serenity, from the strength which is mine own! But, thou have to past a test if thou want to wed Thor!
Jane : W-wed? Test?
Odin : Mortal female, stand forth! I shall make thee raiment fit for a goddess! For goddess thou shalt be!
Odin uses his magic to turn Jane into an immortal Goddess, for now.
Odin : So be it!
Jane : What-what has happened to me?
Thor : 'Tis the moment we have long awaited, my beloved! My father plans to make thee, an immortal! For none but a true goddess shall wed a god!
Odin : I have a gift to bestow. Stand back, thunder god. I grant thee a gift worthy of Thor's bride..
Odin uses his magic to give her powers.
Odin : The enchanted gift of unlimited flight!
Jane soars throughout Asgard, but suddenly she starts to fall. In the distance, Loki was using his scepter to mess with her mind.
Loki : If I can make my stupid brother lose his beloved, he'll grow despaired! Then I'll kill him and take my place as Asgard's rightful owner!
Back to Thor. Thor flies and picks up Jane Foster.
Thor : Thou must put aside thine earthly fears, my beloved!
Jane : Wha-what happened? I was flying and then my mind went blank.
Thor : Hmm, troublesome. I shalt think about this later.
Odin : I shall afford her the opportunity to make amends for what has gone before! Summon ye, the Unknown!
Odin, Thor and Jane go to the Unknown, a monster which feeds in fear.
Thor : I will not be fare from thee, my beloved!
Jane walks around a room until a hand picks her up. Jane screams but kicks the hand off. But, what she didn't know, was there was another person in the room. This was, Loki of course.
Loki : Damn! No matter how much I try to destroy Thor's life, he always springs back up! First, I should try to destroy everything in his life, then him!
Loki does a spell on Jane, so that she sees her greatest fears.
Jane : Thor! Thor, my beloved! Help me!
Thor busts in the door and fends off the Unknown.
Thor : I cannot fail my love when she calls! The Thunder God is here!
Jane : I have failed you my love!
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2021.12.03 10:55 Eagles_1991 Help! My mini-schnauzer is only 4 and the vet says dental disease is starting.

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2021.12.03 10:55 fergy80 How much time do you spend a week on your reef tank and please post a pic of it.

Title says it all. I've maintained freshwater tanks in the past and I am considering building a reef tank setup, but I want to better understand the time commitment in order to get a nice setup going.
It would be helpful if you could post a picture of your tank along with how much time you spend a week on it in order to gauge the complexity.
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2021.12.03 10:55 emalfal inspired by Bryson Tiller – "candles" | soulful r&b beat

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2021.12.03 10:55 mrman08 What should I get my mother for Christmas this year?

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2021.12.03 10:55 LuckyJinx98 The two extremes

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2021.12.03 10:55 ollyf907 I am far too young to be an alcoholic, i am only 20

I had a horrible childhood, both my parents are dead, mum died when i was 2 so i dont remember her,
however my dad died when i was 13, we were insanely similar and close, even he was an alcoholic, im drunk as we speak, almost 2pm in the uk
my family has a long history of mental health issues, i for one have regular panic attacks and ocd, and its hell when im sober or not on loads of benzos
recently i've been going into different shops everyday, nicking 2liter bottles of cider twice a day, i cant pay for it, i want to get help but im at such a dead end
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2021.12.03 10:55 DessiJ 211203 EVERGLOW - 'Pirate' 응원법 @ KBS Music Bank

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2021.12.03 10:55 LSARefugee Plumber discovers money, checks in wall of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church years after $600K burglary

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2021.12.03 10:55 COVIDNURSE-5065 These are the people calling us brainwashed sheep. SMH

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2021.12.03 10:55 RevMatchingMyPrius Why doesn’t Twitter have an option to report misinformation? Other big public apps have one but not Twitter, where misinformation is obviously a problem.

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2021.12.03 10:55 YOW-Weather-Records 🥉Today is StJohns's 250th consecutive day with maximum temperature ≥1°C which puts this run in 3rd place for the longest run on record. If this continues, we will reach 2nd place December 15th.

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2021.12.03 10:55 Blade1708 This definitely hacked right? I got it in a wonder trade and it has max evs in sp attack and speed

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2021.12.03 10:55 SaintCiren Stay classy, Gloucestershire...

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2021.12.03 10:55 mr_c_m_burns Reshiram on me taking ten

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2021.12.03 10:55 EGunslingerUK Other than Gojira, all these bands were pretty new to me this year and my tastes for metal have changed quite a bit! How has your year been? Typical comfort bands or delving into new territory?

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2021.12.03 10:55 javi711 Muv 1 day Special

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2021.12.03 10:55 creationk Restaurants: Pani Puri with Chana stuffing instead of Aloo

Hi, I am looking for a restaurant in bangalore that sells panipuris with Chole/Chana stuffing instead of Aloo. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.12.03 10:55 SainRainbowtwigs My family from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The woman on the right is my Great Great Great Grandmother with some of her chirldren (the girls) and presumable her mother on the left.

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2021.12.03 10:55 Trey_12_443 This is the actual definition of happiness

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2021.12.03 10:55 TheBlazeBot Glenn: If overturning Roe v. Wade costs us the 2022 election, ‘THEN FINE’

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2021.12.03 10:55 ehssanyyy alpha zero

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